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Kayseri Sugar  is the company which succeeded in breaking the records of tonnage and income in sugar production, wet and dry pulp production and molasses production by processing more than 3 million beets annually in Kayseri, Boğazlıyan and Turhal factories.

Kayseri Sugar R&D Center is a center where the future of agriculture is designed not only for sugar beet production, but also for the compatibility of all agricultural products with geographical conditions, seed production and productivity.

Our Team


Aylin Ozgur Goksu

Experienced Researcher

Hatice Gul Solmaz

Hatice Gul Solmaz



  • Ünlükara, A. (2019). Effects of depth-dependent irrigation regimes and organomineral fertilizers on water use and quality attributes of sugar beet. 492–499.


  • Pumpkin Seed
  • CarboxyMethylCellulose
  • Sugar Beet Pectin
  • Sugar Beet Fiber