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Eligibility for Secondment

Secondments are meant for staff members of participating institutions of the project. A staff member is an active researcher or a student at his / her home institution. To be seconded, the staff member must have a formal affiliation with the institution or being a Ph.D. student.

Requirement of being a Research Personnel:

  • Accepting a contract /legal link*  proving active engagement with the beneficiary institution for at least one-month full-time equivalent prior to the beginning of the secondment. My contract should have been uninterrupted and continuous**.
  • In the case of an Experienced Researcher(ER)* and in the possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. I can justify my eligibility with a contract (working or similar contract).
  • In the case of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)* ,  a Ph.D. student. I am in the first four years (full-time equivalent research experience) of my research career. I have not have been awarded a doctoral degree yet. I can prove my active engagement with a registration for a Ph.D program.
  • In Staff Member* (administrative, managerial or technical staff) who is actively engaged in or linked to R&I activities of the project. I can justify my eligibility with a contract (working or similar contract).

*Contract, CVs, Student certificates, Diplomas (whatever proper to justify your status) are requested as additional documents to justify the status you selected.  If your home institution a beneficiary (METU, KS, DC, TF, RS, UWM, TNTU, SGI-Isotech) you should keep your own documents. If your home institution is a Third Country Partner (UDeC, NUST, BISIoP, SU) you should send this signed document with the justification documents to

** Being a PhD student is a legal link.


The document is available at the link :

Secondment Agreement

 The Researcher who benefits from the Research and Innovation Staff Exchange program defined in the contract H2020-MSCA-RISE-2020-101008228 for the project named « SuChAQuality », have agreed on the following items:

a) The scientist supervising the activities of the Researcher during the exchange program is  (name and position of Secondment Responsible), in the offices and labs of the Host Institution.

b) The seconded Researcher will use the received from her/his Home Institution top-up allowance to cover the travel, accommodation and subsistence costs during the secondment period in the Host Institution. The amount is scaled proportionally to the actual duration of the secondment. The researcher must provide documentary evidence for her/his real seconded staff costs during the visit to her/his Home Institution.

c) The seconded Researcher will ensure during the stay at the Host Institution

  • to provide the Host Institution with a “Declaration for Eligibility” prepared by her/his Home Institution as a proof of her/his eligibility conditions for the secondment.
  • to be covered with adequate Health and accident insurance at her/his Home country or from other means, which is valid for the whole secondment period at the Host Institution;
  • to devote herself/himself full-time to research activities related to the « SuChAQuality » project during the Secondment period;
  • to maintain confidentiality according to the rules described in Section 8 of Partnership Agreement, Section 10 of Consortium Agreement and Article 36 of the Grant Agreement;
  • to comply with the arrangements related to the intellectual property rights;
  • to acknowledge funding under the MSCA-RISE-101008228- SuChAQuality grant in joint publications, communications or patent applications;
  • to be liable personally for any damage caused to the Host Organization, related to use of equipment, laboratory facilities and any others;
  • to complete and submit – at the end of research training activities – the evaluation questionnaire and – two years later – follow-up questionnaire provided by the EC Agency.

d) The Host Institution will ensure that:

  • the seconded Researcher has the same rights as any visiting scientist in the Institution, and at least the same working conditions and standards as those applicable to local persons holding a similar position. During her/his stay in the Institution, the Researcher is considered as a Marie Curie fellow;
  • throughout the duration of the secondment period, the Researcher is provided with adequate training and necessary means, including the infrastructure, equipment and materials, for implementing the project in the scientific and technical fields concerned;
  • the seconded Researcher is assisted in the administrative procedures related to her/his secondments;

The document is available at the link :

Required Documents to Kept in Before and After a Secondment

  • Bank transfer documents to the seconding staff member (For beneficiaries)(Must);
  • Evidence of the travel, as tickets and boarding passes of the seconding member (Required);
  • Evidence of the accommodation as hotel reservation, B&B, contract for renting an apartment etc.
  • Evidence of the physical presence of the fellow in the host premises such as: hosting arrangements, lab sheets, time sheets, etc.
    • Lab reports or time-sheets;
    • Paperwork/scientific article produced;
    • Library records to show research and innovation activities;
    • Exchange of emails concerning work done, etc

The document is available at the link :

The information contained in this document reflects only the view of the SuChAQuality project and in no way reflects the European Commission’s opinion for which cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains