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University of Concepcion

Biospectroscopy & Chemometrics Laboratory, Biotechnology Center, Chile

Our research is based on Analytical Chemistry applications in areas such as vegetal biotechnology, renewable resources and pharmaceuticals analysis. We develop analytical strategies based on vibrational spectroscopy and other molecular spectroscopies, as well as modern microscopy techniques and hyperspectral imaging, supported with multivariate analysis (Chemometrics).

Our Team

Dr. Rosario Castillo

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Mario Sanhueza

Experienced Researcher

Macarena Rojas

Early Stage Researcher

Cristian Fuentes

Early Stage Researcher

Martín Bravo

Early Stage Researcher


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  • Evaluation of the performance of confocal laser-scanning fluorescence microscopy (CLSFM) enhanced by advanced chemometric methods for direct solid analysis of pharmaceutical forms and samples with high topochemistry functionality dependence. Fondecyt Regular 1191281, ANID, Chile (2019-2022). Responsible Researcher: Rosario del P. Castillo.