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National University of Sciences & Technology

  • Nanotechnology and food processing
  • Molecular phylogenetics and Medicinal Plants

Our Team

Dr. Husnain Ahmed Janjua

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Muhammad Qasim Hayat

Experienced Researcher

Hafiz Imran Fakhar

Early Stage Researcher

Shafia Maryam

Early Stage Researcher

Rabaila Riaz

Early Stage Researcher


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  2. Riaz S, Fatima Rana N, Hussain I, Tanweer T, Nawaz A, Menaa F, Janjua HA, Alam T, Batool A, Naeem A, Hameed M. Effect of Flavonoid-Coated Gold Nanoparticles on Bacterial Colonization in Mice Organs. Nanomaterials. 2020 Sep;10(9):1769.
  3. Awan FM, Yang BB, Naz A, Hanif A, Ikram A, Obaid A, Malik A, Janjua HA, Ali A, Sharif S. The emerging role and significance of circular RNAs in viral infections and antiviral immune responses: possible implication as theranostic agents. RNA biology. 2020 Jul 12:1-5.
  4. Khan F, Iqbal S, Khalid N, Hussain I, Hussain Z, Szmigielski R, Janjua HA. Screening and stability testing of commercially applicable Heliotropium crispum silver nanoparticle formulation with control over aging and biostability. Applied Nanoscience. 2020 Jun;10(6):1941-56.
  5. Hussain A, Hayat MQ, Bokhari SA. Artemisia chamaemelifolia Vill: a rare species of genus Artemisia (Asteraceae-Anthemideae) now present in the northeast (Gilgit-Baltistan) region of Pakistan. Biologia. 2021 Jan;76(1):47-54.
  6. Hussain A, Hayat MQ, Bokhari SA. New distribution report on the alien species Artemisiaverlotiorumlamotte (asteraceae-anthemideae) from gilgit-baltistan region of pakistan. Pakistan Journal Of Weed Science Research. 2020 Jun 30;26(2):167.
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  • Zinc Incorporated thin films as food preservatives (submitted)
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of western Himalayan Artemesia
  • Biogeography and Phylogeny of Westren Himalyan Cyperacea