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SG isotech transparant

Graduated engineers in the field of the technology of food production and authenticity of food products and alcoholic beverages using stable isotopes analysis (SIRA/IRMS).

The company SG ISOTECH is specialized in the development and practical implementation a new innovation isotopic method (EIM-IRMS) for detection illegal production practices, determination of geographical origin and differentiation of raw materials using in winemaking and strong spirits beverages sectors, sugar/confectionary, honey production as well as fruit juices industry.

Our Team

Ivan Smajlović

Experienced Researcher

Dr. Margarita Smajlović

Experienced Researcher

Publications \ Projects

  • Ethanol isotope method (EIM) for uncovering illegal wine, ALIMED Conference, 2011, Palermo, Italy.

  • Determination of wine authenticity and geographical origin by measuring non-exchangeable hydrogen stable isotopes in wine ethanol with EIM-IRMS® methodology in combination with δ18O values obtained from wine water, EGU General Assembly Conference 2014, Vienna, Austria.  ;

  • Quantitative analysis and detection of chaptalization and watering down of wine using isotope ratio mass spectrometry, presented at the 42 OIV Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. 

  • Isotopic composition of light elements in the components of grapes and wine products: the influence of natural and technogenic factors / M. Zenina (Smajlović) et [al.] // VITICULTURE AND WINEMAKING. Collection of Scientific Papers. Crimea: Yalta. – 2020. – Vol. XLIX. – pp. 219-223 (in Russian). DOI 10.35547/7081.2020.57.12.001.