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We formed an organizational concept by believing in human, hygiene, and sustainable quality management with a new modern facility with 50.500 m2 outdoor and 22000 m2 indoor area since 2014.  We are proud of our national responsibility with our exports to more than 60 countries in 4 continents, from the Far East to South America, Europe to the Middle East. Thanks to the warehouses and sales offices we opened in Iraq/Arbil and Morocco/Casablanca, we have succeeded in becoming one of the leading players in our target markets in the Middle East and North Africa. We formed 40 various product taste and 70 separate brand mark in our product scale. In line with the demand from our consumers and our customers, we completed a significant gap in our portfolio by commissioning our new Wafer line in 2016. We always prepare new delicacies and efficient presentations for our products by virtue of our research and development. Thus, we have become a desired and preferred brand. The point we are standing on in our sector proved to us that every dedication we showed had a comeback. Tören Çikolata has been providing its services with the same sensitivity and new delicacies. In mid-2018, our company completed the Turquality project and was awarded the support of Turquality from the Ministry of Economy. In December of the same year, it was entitled to become an R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Thus, it has enriched its R&D studies with more discipline, faster and university-industry cooperation.

Our Team

Selcuk Arslan

Experienced Researcher

Mehmet Toren

Experienced Researcher

Umur Tuna